About us


The key specialization of the company – organization of access to trading on the largest stock exchanges in the United States: NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, CBOT, CBOE, CME, Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Moscow stock exchange , as well as brokerage services and trust management of securities. The team of experts LLC "TOP TRADER" – one of the few in Russia who provides full support

of work of clients at the exchanges of the USA: beginning from generation of investment ideas, analytical support (more than 30 articles in Russian) and finishing with support in the accounting of trade operations and consultations of experts.

Brokerage company LLC "TOP TRADER" was established at the turn of the century, and is now one of the leading in Russia. With our help, anyone can buy and sell shares and bonds of leading Russian companies in real time for a minimum Commission, using the latest trading systems and modern methods of work.

All necessary licenses for the professional participant were obtained by the company at the end of 2009, and the first clients started trading through LLC "TOP TRADER" on RTS in February and on MICEX - in March 2010.

Already at the end of the first year of work, the brokerage company < strong>LLC "TOP TRADER" < / strong> was included in the list of 50 leading Russian professional participants who made the largest volume of transactions with securities, according to the Federal securities Commission.

In March 2011, to improve the level of knowledge of our customers was written the book "one click" — and You are a capitalist.“ In the creation of the book was attended by employees LLC "TOP TRADER" < / strong> . This publication is intended for a wide audience. The addressee acts as a anyone to participate in trading or to invest in shares. The book is written in simple and accessible language, which allowed her to stand on a par with translated bestsellers, written on the theory and practice of stock trading.

In January 2012, the company LLC "TOP TRADER" for the first time in Russia launched a system of night trading, in which clients of the company could make transactions with securities and cryptocurrencies around the clock. For the first time the new concept of the company was implemented – concluding a standard contract for brokerage services, the client LLC "TOP TRADER" should receive more than other brokers can offer him. This allowed not only to reach a new higher level associated with the reliability of the fulfillment of obligations to the customer base, but also increased the company′s assets many times.

From that moment on, we decided to constantly introduce innovative products, improve and achieve the highest quality of brokerage services, so that even the most ordinary services of the company received from our customers a rating of " Super!". Broker LLC "TOP TRADER" < / strong>has assumed high obligations, but thanks to our hard work over time, this concept has become a rule.

Employees of the company have modern economic education, long-term experience in the stock markets and the necessary qualification certificates of the series 1.0., 4.0., 5.0.

The website of the company LLC "TOP TRADER" in the summer of 2018 became the nominee of the National Internet award of the Russian Internet Academy in the nomination "Best website in the field of electronic collection". In the list of nominees included some of the best websites which are selling, ordering products or services through the Internet.

ООО "TOP TRADER" – your guide to the world Stock Market and Forex. Professional training, expert Analytics, operational consulting and full technical support of clients, as well as consistently high quality of service – all this gives us the right to occupy leading positions in this area. We always strive to be one step ahead, which allows us to respond quickly and timely to any changes in market conditions and make the most of emerging opportunities in the stock market.

Wide diversification of investment portfolios allows to sustain periods of crises in the financial markets.

The company "TOP TRADER" offers a set of effective investment strategies to achieve Your financial goals and enhance Your well-being. In the LLC TOP TRADER company this direction of investment is created by professional managers and analysts of the company for the purpose of providing more opportunities for investment to institutional and private clients.

Capital management is performed by a team of managers on the basis of proven effective strategies using a wide range of financial instruments and strict risk management techniques. The key point is also the ability to increase the value of portfolio assets in both growing and falling markets.

Tasks of LLC TOP TRADER in this direction consist in saving and increase of material welfare of the investors, as well as strengthening of the relations with clients.

TOP TRADER LLC plays a key role in the development of the Russian financial market, being the basis of its infrastructure. We provide a full range of competitive trading and post-trading services and strive to establish open and trusting relationships with all clients.

Our team consists of professionals of the highest level with unique expertise. A distinctive feature is a favorable and friendly atmosphere in the team, contributing to the maximum disclosure of talent and potential of each.

We consider professionalism of our employees to be the main competitive advantage in achieving and maintaining business leadership.

We also invest heavily in the development of our service, we implement educational projects, translate foreign investment books and write our own – with one main goal: to make modern investment opportunities available to more citizens of our country. This industry is very young in Russia, and the process of improving financial literacy is an integral part of the formation of an economically developed state-a strong, free and rich country.