The concept of "TOP TRADER": to guide and develop the company so as to help develop society and contribute to the improvement of people′s lives. the Foundation on which the company′s business is built is international investment traditions, complemented by innovations and high technologies.

Using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis, we study the stock markets and issuers, identify trends, monitor political and legislative changes around the world, thus providing you with effective investment solutions that ensure not only the preservation but also the growth of capital.

As a result of this scrupulous work, investment strategies are being created to provide investors with stable income and capital protection. We sincerely appreciate all our customers, and always try to provide the most comfortable working conditions for each investor.

The advantage of the company "Top Trader" is a clear and well-coordinated work of a professional team, as well as an individual approach to any needs of each of our Clients.

Today "Top Trader" is an international brokerage company, constantly expanding the range of services offered to private, institutional and corporate investors.

Since the establishment of the company "Top Trader" the main purpose of its activities is to increase the welfare of its customers, Russian and foreign, as well as creating favorable conditions for attracting foreign investment in the Russian economy.